24th May 2018

Get Your Head Around Facebook Advertising

FACEBOOK ADS AREN’T AS COMPLICATED AS THEY SEEM!   If you find Facebook ads intimidating and have either been too scared to try them – or […]
7th March 2018

Building your Tribe

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE AND BUILD YOUR TRIBE   The Cambridge dictionary definition of a tribe is “a group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing the same language, culture, and history”.  In social media terms, the […]
12th February 2018

The Power of Words

WHY COPYWRITING FOR YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE A PRIORITY When it comes to conveying a professional image for your business, the look and feel of your […]
15th January 2018

Setting Up Your Content Calendar For 2018

Benjamin Franklin’s quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” is bandied around a lot and definitely still has merit but I saw another quite recently that […]
7th December 2017

Make Christmas Come Alive

We have a run of holidays and long weekends coming up and we though we’d revisit and revise an old blog post to remind you to […]
23rd October 2017
How To Find Time For Social Media

How To Find Time For Social Media

How To Find Time For Social Media   THE PROBLEM I constantly spell out in our classes the importance of being consistent with social media – […]
30th August 2017
Going Social How to Create the Best Newsletter

How To Create The Best Newsletter

How To Create The Best Newsletter In our previous blog we established that a newsletter is really necessary for a business. If you didn’t get to […]
14th August 2017
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Don’t Leave Money On The Table

“Leaving money on the table” is an idiom which means ‘not getting as much money as you could’. If you’re not sending a regular newsletter to […]
16th July 2017

Blog for yourself

This might sound like a contradiction of what I hammer home in every class – that all communication, be it a blog or social media post […]
14th June 2017

Give 2 Get

You have to give something to get the sale!   Gary Vaynerchuk, is an American serial entrepreneur with a net worth of more than $100 million. He […]
9th May 2017

What Can You Do To Make Holidays Work For Your Social Media Right Now

Holidays offer amazing opportunities for social media activity but only if there’s a good fit for your product or business. Don’t force it! We’ve just had […]
3rd April 2017

Creating a Character to Represent your Target Market

One of my favourite methods of defining a target market is to create a character.   Ford Motor Company does this really well. Before they design […]
22nd March 2017

We’re not rock stars – we have to find our followers!

We don’t have a crowd of thousands waiting to hear from us. There’s no clapping and chanting and begging us to deliver our message (or sell […]
1st March 2017

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Get Blogging Now What is a Blog? I devote a lot of time in my courses to blogging because it’s such a powerful marketing tool so, it’s probably […]
30th November 2016

Getting Your Social Media Plan Up and Running!

Social Media for Business Requires a Strategy It’s really hard to work out where to get started with social media.  There are platforms galore – each […]