Social Media Mastery

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Welcome Aboard!


We recommend that before you set out on this journey to optimise social media for your business, you go through the full introduction module.

It is designed to help you understand why social media is a necessity for your business, why you need a social media strategy and how you go about formulating it.  We want you to be clear about your approach before you kick off.  It also makes sense to ensure that anyone with a vested interest in your social media programme – business owner, management team and the person/s responsible for execution of the plan – take the time to work through it.  It’s the best way to ensure that everyone is on sides and you’re all pulling in the same direction.

Some thoughts on how to make this work for you:

  1. Keep a paper and pen handy to take notes and to jot down questions as they come up.  If they haven’t been answered by the end of the session, then go in search of answers.
  2. Use the Facebook group or email address for help (details are provided in the support lesson)
  3. Take screen shots of anything you might find useful later
  4. Open two browsers – one (Safari, Windows Explorer, Firefox or other) for working through the course material and the other (definitely Chrome) for doing the work.  Chrome really is your best bet across most platforms and tools – some don’t actually function in any other browser!
  5. Use ear- or headphones to shut out any distractions, and
  6. Enjoy the course!


If you would like an additional log in for your business, please email us a request.  It might make it easier to manage the tracking of your training if there is more than one person involved in your social media programme!


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